Dating Tips


Increase Your Success Rate
With thousand of profiles, you can be lost in a sea of love. Increase your chances by uploading a bunch of different photos. Start taking those selfies and get noticed.

Online Dating VS The Bar Scene?
Everyone is doing it! Dating online that is. More and more singles are clicking online to find romance. With a clickety click of the mouse they can getty up and go online to browse thousands of profiles of people who share the same dreams and interests as them. They can be as selective as they want to be. You'll no longer wonder if the good looking cowchick sitting at the bar is single, or clues to the cowboy's character by looking at his boots. All this information and more is available online.

Dating online saves time and money. You can spend the same amount of money in just one night at your local honkytonk, then we charge for a one year membership here at Western Match. Many singles are finding it easier to relax at home, pull up a chair and meet new and exciting people from around the world, and in the comfort of their own home. Get together with friends and browse the profiles. There's no pressure with online dating, when you're ready to connect and feel comfortable, you can make arrangements to meet your match. If you decide later you want to cancel, you're under no obligation or pressure to meet anyone.

Profile Tips

You have less then a minute to impress the possible love of your life!
We can not stress how important your main photo is. First glances are critical. Most members do not read your carefully crafted online dating profile at first. You need an image that will make your potential date read on. Pony tails, no makeup, t-shirts & torn jeans, no shirts, group photos, photos with children, just does not make a good first impression photo.

Your Dating Profile Should Be Short and Sweet
Keep it simple. You don't want someone to fall asleep while reading your profile. There's no need to write a novel. There should be just enough information to spark some interest and make someone want to learn more about you.

Dating Don'ts

Don't talk about past relationships and how you were cheated on and how he or she broke your heart. It tells others you're still wounded from the past. Don't make a list of demands. You can't expect others to sit there checking off a list to see if they meet all your requirements.

Make the first move
Making the first move is good. If you see a member you like, send him or her a free "wink". It's fun and easy to do. Don't sit around and wait for the other member to contact you first, or your potential match might just slip through your little mouse and end up on someone else's PC.

Dating Woes

Why Didn't I hear back?
Don't fret. Sometimes members go on vacation, or take some time out. Give them a chance to get back to you. If you don't hear back from them, send another message. If that doesn't work, then move on. Hey, it happens to the best of us and online dating is no exception. You may also want to take a good look at your profile, perhaps it needs some refreshing.

What do I say in my email?
Okay, you see a cute guy or a sexy gal, what do you do now. What can you say to grab his or her attention. Well first off, read their profile and try and find something interesting or something in common. For instance, if the member's hook line is "Looking for love in all the wrong places", you can say something like this. " Hi there!, your hook line caught my attention, that's a great song by the way". Don't write your lifes history in the first email, there will be plenty of time for that later...

Safety When Meeting For the First Time

We advise that you stay on WM to correspond with new members. We recommend all users to exercise good judgement when responding to members. Special care should be taken when a user immediately requests you switch to private email versus our messaging system.

For your own safety, never include your address and phone number in your profile. If you decide you want to give out personal information in future correspondence, be sure you're giving it to someone you can trust. Get to know the person first.

The majority of Western Match members are trustworthy and well-intentioned. Nevertheless, please use caution when meeting anyone online just as you would offline.

*Meet in a public place

*Do not meet in a secluded place, or never invite anyone you don't know into your home.

*Tell a friend or family member when you are meeting someone for the first time.

*Make sure you carry your cell phone with you at all times.

*Consider having a friend accompany on the first few dates.

*Always trust your gut instincts. If something appears fishy, it most likely is.

Taking these simple steps makes it safer for everyone.

Safe Dating

TIP: Here is an easy way to find out if the person you are communicating with is the same person in the profile photo. Ask that person to hold up a piece of paper with any word, for example, "hello" and take a photo of themselves. If the person is not willing to do that, discontinue communication with them.

Browsing the profiles and contacting members at Western Match can be fun and exciting, but there are some rules to safe dating we suggest you follow. Below are a few good

Liars, cheaters and imposters certainly take advantage of cyberspace. You’ll also find them in nightclubs and offline dating services, cocktail parties and grocery stores, or even sitting across from you at your local cafй. Regardless of where you meet someone, dating is never a risk-free activity, but using a little caution and common sense will reduce your risk of meeting these types of individuals.

When you choose to meet your potential match, bring a friend or go on a blind date. Tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Never arrange for your date to pick you up at home, that is a no no. Provide your own transportation, meet in a public place at a time when many people are around. A familiar restaurant or coffee shop, is often the best place to meet. If you decide to move to another location, take your own car. When the timing is appropriate, thank your date for getting together, leave on your own and say goodnight. If you are flying in from another state or city, make arrangements to have your own hotel and car.

The great part of meeting and dating online is that you can collect information gradually and at your convenience, later choosing whether to pursue the relationship or not. You are never obligated or pressured to meet anyone. And even if you decide to arrange to meet, you always have the right to change your mind. Trust your instincts. If something appears fishy, usally it is.

Pay attention to your contact. If he or she displays aggressive anger, intense frustration or attempts to pressure or control you in anyway. Making demeaning or disrespectful comments or any physically inappropriate behavior are all red flags and you should not ignore this behavior. You should be concerned if your date shows any of the following behavior without providing an acceptable explanation. Watch for inconsistent information about age, interests, appearance, marital status, profession, employment, etc


They are out there, and they want to scam you out of your money. Please don't fall victim. Here are some tips to avoid being scammed.

Are they asking you too many questions about your financial status? Nobody needs to know your finances until you have met in person many times and have established a relationship.

They will romance you and make promises for the future without ever meeting in person.

They may ask you to go into business with them.

They ask you to transfer money from your account to theirs because they are having problems with their bank account.

They may tell you they are in the millitary to gain your trust.

They want you to lend them air fare to come see you and will pay you back when they see you.

If they say they love you right away this is also a red flag. Love takes time to develop.

They will beg and plead with you for money so that you can both start your lives together.

If they are not willing to trade photos, or only send one photo, that is a red flag. Sending only one photo may be an indication that it is a phony photo. Ask to see more photos and compare them.

Anyone contacting you from overseas should be avoided. They may be Nigerian Scammers.

Stay safe and use common sense. You'll know when something doesn't appear right. Trust your senses.

TIP: It is very easy to do an IP address search from the header of a personal email. Simply right click on the header and then select properties and then the details tab. You will see the originating IP address. It is fairly accurate and useful if you want to make sure the person you are communicating with is from where they say they are.


• Discoloration or indentation on ring finger-Be Wary!

(Pay close attention to the answer if ...)
• He or she continually changes the story
• If they avoid certain questions that appear to make them uncomfortable (take note of their body language)

• Won't disclose where they live
• You've never been to their home
• Continuously makes excuses as to why you can't come over
• Always wants to come to your place of residence

• Generally comes over during the day
• Often leaves by a certain period of time
• Never spends the night
• Overly concerned about the time/constantly checking the watch
• Frequently leaves early
• Leaves abruptly when called

• Never takes you in public - RED FLAG!
• Appears nervous, uncomfortable, distant, treats you like a friend around others when out on a date (note their body language)

• Hotels
• Out of town (either another state or outside the city limits within the state you reside)
• Secluded areas where you won't be seen

• Consistently late
• Often postpones dates/something always comes up
• Cannot account for whereabouts

• Does not answer the phone at night
• Typically text messages at night
• Verbal conversations mostly during the day

• Never met any family members, friends, or coworkers - ALERT!
• Avoids taking you to family gatherings & social events

• Another woman or man answers the phone
• Constantly steps away to talk "Business" on the phone
• Very protective of the cell phone
• Ignores incoming calls in your presence

• Evades premature discussions of holiday plans
• Frequently unavailable
• Calls are brief & at odd hours

• Shows up in an unfamiliar vehicle (makes excuses as to who the vehicle belongs to)