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How do I reset my password?
Go to the login screen and click the "lost password" link, or "click here". You can enter either your username, or the registration email you used when you first signed up. The system will then send you a link to your email address. Click on it, and it will take you to your accounts page where you can enter your own password. After you enter in your new password, click the save or submit button at the bottom of the page. 


Is your service free?
We offer a free and fee based service. When you first join our service your account is set to a free membership. You can browse the profiles, send text winks. You may read your mail FREE!. See who's online and who's viewed your profile and ad them to your favorites list. You may also use our fun chat rooms. Sending flirts enables you to see if a member is interested in you before you upgrade your account. With a Gold Membership you have full access to all features of our service with no restrictions.

Why should i sign up with your service when there's a zillion other sites out there?
There are a few good reasons why you should join our service. We have been online since 2002 and have earned our reputation as a trusted site. We pre-approve profiles before they go live onto the service. We take pride in our fast customer support. We are always looking for new ideas to keep the site interesting. We are not part of any dating network site, which means we have our own unique database of members. When you create a profile on this service, it will remain on this service, and will not be published on any other dating sites that you did not sign up for. Our gold membership fees are extremely affordable.

Why did my profile get deleted?
We delete profiles that appear to not be serious, or profiles that we think may possibly be up to no good. We recommend that you complete your profile when you first sign up to avoid it being deleted from the system.

I didn't receive my welcome registration email?
Check your spam folder and then include to your email contact list. This way you will be sure to receive future notifications from our system.


What is the difference between the free & gold membership?

*With the free membership you may read your mail free, but you can not send or reply back to mailbox messages.

*You can flirt with other members by sending a text wink, but you can not send virtual gifts, such as a dozen roses.

*You may use our chat rooms free, but you can not use the real time one on one instant chat messaging system.

*The gold membership gives you the best chances of meeting someone, and shows that you are a serious member.

How do I become a gold member?
Click on the "upgrade membership" link located on the left hand menu. Or,
click here. You will see all the current pricing packages available.

I upraded my account but it still shows as a free member?
There may be two reasons. You may have not clicked on the "finalize payment" link after your payment was made. Please
contact us so that we can manually upgrade your account. Secondly, if you paid by echeck, it can take 3-5 days for the check to clear. Once the check has cleared, your account will be upgraded.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal, all major credit cards, pre-paid gift cards through PayPal, cashier check or money order.

Cashier check or money order payable to:
P.O. Box 20054
Fountain Hills, AZ 85269-0054

Can I buy a membership for another member?
Yes, you may. On the bottom of the payment page you will see "Would you like to make this purchase as a gift to someone"?. Enter the member's username in the field and click submit. The member's profile will appear. Then checkout as usual. The gold membership package you chose will be applied to the member's account.

I don't have a credit card, what can I do?
You can buy a pre-paid Visa card. Visit your favorite local department store and pick one up at the register. Many department stores such as Wal-Mart and Kmart sell prepaid credit cards. You can generally find them near the cash registers, or where gift cards are sold. You may also buy a money order and send it to us.

I received a message and when I click on the username, it says "member not found"?"
That usually means the member has either taken their profile offline, or has been removed from the system.

I purchased a subscription through PayPal for $5.95, how do I cancel it?
Log into your PayPal account.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
  3. Click My money.
  4. Click Update in the My preapproved payments section.
  5. Click Cancel, Cancel automatic billing, or Cancel subscription for Western Match and follow the instructions


Why does my profile say pending approval?
Once you create your profile it must be approved by administration before it goes live on the site. This is a one time process. Profile approvals are usually quick, but depending on what time you joined, it could be as long as 12 hours before your profile is approved. We are in Arizona, MST. In the meantime, you can upload photos and complete your profile and save members to your favorites list. 

How do I change my email address or password?
Click on "my account" located on the left menu. You can change your email address or password on this page. We recommend keeping a working email address so that we can notify you when you have a message or flirt. Make sure your password is not too easy to guess. Passwords such as cowboy or horses, is not recommended. Someone can compromise your account.

Why am i having problems logging in?
Click here to have the system reset your password. If you still can't log in make sure your profile is active and not offline. If you took your profile offline, you will need to contact us first to reactivate your profile before you can log in. This is to prevent members from taking their profile on and offline repeatedly.

How do i delete my profile?
Log into your account. 
Click here to have your profile deleted from our system. From the contact form, select "delete profile" from the drop menu. Please allow up to 24 hours for your profile to be deleted.

How do I take my profile offline?
Click here to go to your account page. Towards the bottom of the page you will see "who can view my profile or go offline". From the drop menu, select "go offline".

What does it mean to go offline and how to i get back online?
Your profile will remain in our database, but nobody will be able to view your profile. Let's say you need to take a month off, you can do so without deleting your profile. Once you take your profile offline, you will not be able to log back in until you
contact us first so that we can reactivate it. This is to prevent members from continuously taking their profile on and offline. 

What will happen to my gold membership if I go offline?
Nothing changes when your profile is offline. However, the clock keeps ticking. If you had a 1 year membership and you were offline for 6 months, you will have only six months left once you reactivate it.

Can I change my username?
Changing your username would cause confusion among members you have been in communication with, therefore the only way to change your username would be to delete your profile and create a new one. Please choose wisely.

Why did my profile get deleted? 
We will delete your profile with no questions asked if it does not appear legitimate, has sexual images, or has any content that violates our Terms of Service. Please make sure you complete your profile and only sign up to the service if you are serious.

Why does my profile say "suspended"? 
Please check your profile and make sure it meets our guidelines. Check to make sure you do not have any personal information in your profile such as, email addresses, hints of contact information, phone numbers, etc. 

How do I block or unblock a member? 
Open the members full profile by clicking on the "view profile" link. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile until you see the "block member" link. Once you block a member, they will no longer be able to send you messages or flirts. To unblock a member, go to the "blocked members" page under "my network">"blocked members" and click "remove" next to the member's profile you would like to unblock.

How do I report a member?
Open the members full profile by clicking on the "view profile" link. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile until you see the "report member" link. From the drop menu you will see a list of possible reasons why you would like to block the member. Select a reason and click submit. A report will be sent to us. We will review your complaint and contact you if we have further questions.



Why don't i see my photos?
The main photo must be uploaded in the "my profile" section of the site. All the other photos will be under "my pictures". The main photo is the very first photo members see, and the photo that shows up in the search results.

Why were my photos removed?
Please check our photo guidelines. No clipart, quotes, cartoons, sexual, shirtless photos, etc. In other words, please upload good quality photos of yourself only in your profile. We reserve the right to remove photos at anytime.

The system says my photos are too large?
The system only allows certain size images. Anything over 1500 pixels will receive an error message. If you receive a resize error message, you will need to resize your image. Make sure you save it as a .jpg file when you are finished resizing it. Resize your image to around 500 - 800 pixels. You can use any image resizing software. Try Web Resizer.



What is a wink?
A wink is a pre-written text message that you can send free to members to let them know that you are interested. Go ahead and send one to see what type of response you receive.

What is a gift?
A virtual gift is nice way to let someone special know that you are interested. You can choose from many virtual gifts such as a dozen roses, a cup of coffee, or a box of chocolates. Go ahead and send one, it's free. 

How do I delete winks, gifts and messages?
Go to the gift or your inbox folder and next to each item you will see a check box. Check the box for each item you wish to delete. On the bottom of the page, click the "delete selected" button. This will delete all items you checked. If you wish to delete all at one time, check the box at the very top. This will select all items on the page. Click "delete selected". 

What is the golden horseshoe in the member's profile?
The golden horseshoe signifies the member is upgraded and is a serious member.

What is the horse whinny?
This is an upgraded feature. When you hear the horse whinny, that means you have an instant message waiting, and someone wants to private chat in real time. If you don't wish to chat with anyone, you may take your online status offline. You can turn the sound on or off at anytime by clicking on the small wheel icon located at the bottom right hand corner of the page.

What is "chat now" in the members profile?
Chat now is real time messaging with other online gold members.

How do I search for members?
Browse: You can browse profiles, which just shows a list of random profiles not in any specific location or age group. Select "browse cowboys, or browse cowgirls form the left hand menu.

Regular Search: To get more specific in your search, you can click on the "search" button located at the top menu. The regular search will let you search by gender, age, and location.

Advanced Search: If you want to get real specific, you can click on the advanced search. You can search by zip code, body type, height, interests, etc. Keep in mind, the more specific you get in your search, the less profiles you will pull up. Try narrowing your search if you don't get good results. You can also search by username, and search for members with photos only.

Who's Online: These are members that are currently logged into the system. This function changes every second. Try refreshing the page to see new members online. Note: Members who do not log out will still show online. The system will automatically take the profile offline for inactivity after 90 minutes. 



Do you have a moble app?
No, but we do have a mobile template which works the same way an app does.
 Mobile and tablet users can enjoy a better browsing experience using our mobile template. Simply select "mobile" or "desktop" view from the home page.

How do i get my picture in the search?
Go to "my profile" and select "change main photo". This photo is the first impression photo and shown in the search results. To upload to your photo album, go to "my pictures". This is where all your photos are stored.

Why are my photos sideways?
It's the way you are holding the mobile phone when you take the picture. Try holding it at a different angle.

I'm having troubles uploading photos from my mobile?
We're sorry for the inconvenience. Our mobile template is not compatible with all mobile devices, but we will be happy to upload (1) one main photo for you. You can send it to Please include your username.