How does that work?

Use online dating to build connections.

1. Dating doesn't need to come to a complete hault during this time of social distancing. Making use of dating sites and apps is a good idea during these uncertain times. Connect with others online to help offset loneliness and depression. Our chat rooms and instant messaging will help keep you connected with others to engage in conversation. 

2. Use our service to meet people and then once you make a connection you can fire up Zoom, FaceTime or Skype and meet the person for a virtual first date. This is a great way to introduce yourself while staying safe. You can keep your connection going and once this whole pandemic thing is over, you can finally meet.

3. You will have to be creative and innovated when it comes to online dating. Staying safe while staying positive will be a challenge. Make sure to follow guidelines in your area should you decide to meetup.  

Safety First, Fun Second

3 quick Important tips you should know.


Never include personal information in your profile.

If you decide you want to give out personal information in future correspondence, be sure you're giving it to someone you can trust.


Is he or she who they say they are?

With all the thousands of profiles online how would you know if the person you are communicating with is who they say they are? Here is an easy way to find out. Do a zoom meeting to see if that person matches the photo in their profile. Another option is to ask that person to hold up a piece of paper with any word, for example, "hello" and take a photo of themselves and send it to you. If the person is not willing to do either then discontinue communication with them. 


Online dating scammers want your money. Never lend money to anyone online.

Are they asking you too many questions about your financial status? Nobody needs to know your finances until you have met in person many times and have established a relationship.

They will romance you and make promises for the future without ever meeting in person.

They may ask you to go into business with them.

They ask you to transfer money from your account to theirs because they are having problems with their bank account.

They may tell you they are in the millitary to gain your trust.

They want you to lend them air fare to come see you and will pay you back when they see you.

If they say they love you right away this is also a red flag. Love takes time to develop.

They will beg and plead with you for money so that you can both start your lives together.

If they are not willing to trade photos, or only send one photo, that is a red flag. Sending only one photo may be an indication that it is a phony photo. Ask to see more photos and compare them.

Anyone contacting you from overseas should be avoided. They may be Nigerian Scammers.

Stay safe and use common sense. You'll know when something doesn't appear right. Trust your senses.

Virtual Date

Save time and meet online before meeting in person.

Set up Virtual Dates

FaceTime, Zoom, and Skype is already an emerging dating trend. So learning how to use these apps is essential in todays world of online dating.

Dress Up and Clean Up

Just because you're not meeting someone in person doesn't mean you shouldn't shower and shave. Look as though you are meeting in person. Ladies, put on some purfume. The scent will make you feel good.

Set the stage

Choose a space that’s clean, well-decorated and most importantly, well-lit. Loosen up! Make your favorite drink so it feels like a real date. 

Prepare Yourself

Have some questions ready and don't feel like you have to be on the virtual date all night. 15-30 minutes is a good start. If it goes well schedule another. It's important not to talk about things related to the corona virus. Give yourself and others that break.® / LLC - Copyrights 2002 - 2020 All Rights Reserved.