New Chat Help


I do not see the chat room bar? 
Desktop users: will see a wide width chat bar displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you do not see it, click on the arrow icon located at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This will open or close the chat bar. 

Mobile, ipad, notebook users will see a round white mobile chat button by default to access the chat rooms. 

How do I get rid of the mobile chat button?
You can hide the chat button. Click on the chat button. On the next page you will see a small blue wrench tool at the top right. Click on that tool and select the third option down. "Hide mobile chat tab on site".

How do I open and close the chat rooms? 
Desktop: Click on the pink and blue conversation icon located on the bottom of the chat bar to open it. Click the same icon to close it.  

How do I make the chat screen bigger?
Open the chat room. Click on the small square icon with the arrow. This will enlarge the chat window.

How do I view the members profile while in the chat room?
On the left side of the chat screen where you see the list of chatters, click on the username. You will be able to private chat, block, or report the member.

How do I private chat?
You will see a chat (12) count on the chat bar. These members are accepting one on one instant private chat. Simply click on a member and a screen will pop out where you can begin your one on one chat. If you don't want to be available for private chat, simply click on the "gear" icon on the blue chat bar and uncheck "available to chat". Simple click on the chat count to close the private chat screen.

Can I create my own chat room?
Yes, click on the "plus" icon next to the gear. You will also have options to password protect, name and describe your chat room with a welcome message. Chat rooms automatically delete after 30 minutes if nobody is chatting.

How do I choose different options?
The gear icon has a variety of options. Chat sounds, unavailable to chat, block private chat, keep chat room open, etc.

Emoticons and Gifs
Click on the "gif" or "smiley" icon located at the bottom right hand corner of the chat screen. Choose from a variety of gifs and smileys to include in your chat conversations.

Tip: When you open anything in chat, you close it the same way.