What to Do When You're Scared, Bored, or Tired of Being Single?

  1. Draw. You don't have to be artistic, just pick up a pen or pencil and doodle. Very therapeutic. Especially when you draw an ex with horns and a snake tongue.
  2. Volunteer. What do you like? Pets? Art? Kids? Try any place where they can be found, like a shelter, museum, or hospital. It really gives you a boost to give unconditionally.
  3. Write. Journal your thoughts. Start a blog. Write a novel you've always dreamed of.
  4. Do yoga. Not only can you get in shape, but you can find your inner peace. This is even better for guys: you can meet lots of women as they outnumber men by about 30:1.
  5. Get your hair done. No need for the $200 salon treatment. If you are tight on your budget, find a local beauty school where they will pamper your hair for less.
  6. Find an extra job. Look up freelancing opportunities in your area doing what you're skilled at. The extra income will make you feel better, and give you more liquid cash to pay for liquid pleasure at the bars on weekends.
  7. Read. Go online for quick articles or read a novel about enlightenment. You can't go wrong if you give yourself some time. Oh, but stay away from the sparkly vampire stories... it's bad for your blood.
  8. Make friends. That means you'll have to get out and socialize, so yeah, be brave. The worst that can happen: you're ignored. The best that can happen: you meet new friends. Duh.
  9. Play music loud and sing along. Or just dance. You don't need an audience. A mirror in your home will do.
  10. Try on outfits. This is a tip mostly for women, but it won't hurt to try regardless. How many times have you been invited somewhere and said, "I have nothing to wear!" Well then go and find something ahead of time.
  11. Pay your bills. I know, you should do it anyway, but sometimes you forget this stuff when you're so busy being single... and fabulous.
  12. Do some gardening. Assuming you are a homeowner or rent a place with a yard. Otherwise, you can buy a house plant and just nurture it. Find something low-maintenance like a cactus, or you'll be more depressed when you see the withering plant when you come home.
  13. Wash your car. I know, Captain Obvious again, but really, when you wash your car by hand and see the before and after result, it really can give you a boost for a sense of accomplishment.
  14. Put on some sexy clothes. Hey, you don't need a partner to feel sexy. You can psyche yourself up for the real deal when it happens by having dress rehearsals in the meantime.
  15. Watch feel-good movies. I suggest Bridesmaids for women, The Hangover for men. Bonding with friends, that's where it's at... *wipes tear*
  16. Bond with your friends. Schedule regular visits with the homies (or home-girls). *wipes tear*
  17. Take a luxury bath. Scented candles, bath oil, soothing music, ambiance... the whole nine yards. You're worth it.
  18. Do yourself. Why not? No one is watching.
  19. Buy something you want but don't need. And in my case, that's something I need but can't afford on my priority list. Go ahead: buy the name-brand hair conditioner!
  20. Laugh. Watch a funny movie or attend a comedy show.
  21. Clean out the clutter. Don't be in denial: we all have some junk hanging around. Pull it out and throw it away, have a garage sale, advertise it online, or schedule a pickup with a donation center. YOU CAN DO IT!
  22. Find a new look. For women: try a new makeup style using magazines as inspiration. For guys: change the color of your shirt.
  23. Find a new hobby. Always wanted to try cooking? Go to a food instruction course at a local college or find an amateur chef holding classes at his or her home. Try Craigslist.
  24. Go for a walk. You must have some access to public passages near your home. Go. Walk. Talk to yourself. Talk to your imaginary friend. Relax and enjoy the views.
  25. Go for a bike ride. Assuming you have a bike, of course.
  26. Chat online. That is: with people who are single, and you aren't leading them on with false hope.
  27. Adopt a pet. Once you do, you'll have lots to do as a responsibility to your pet. You won't even wonder what you should do to pass the time.
  28. Tend to kids. Assuming that you have them. Or you can spoil someone else's kids, assuming they're your close friends or relatives.
  29. Do an act of kindness. Pay a homeless person on the street. Let the person behind you with less groceries ahead of you. Pay for the person behind you in the toll booth. Karma, baby!
  30. Cut out one bad habit. Drink too much? Talk too much? Watch too much porn? Cut back on the bad, and accentuate the good. It's a win-win.
  31. Enter a marathon. Remember that you'll have to work up to it by starting weeks or months in advance. Otherwise, you might throw up and pass out on the event.
  32. Go to a reception. Art gallery? History museum? Concert? Where there's red tape to be cut, there's an opportunity to mingle. Go socialize!
  33. Start a project. Men are good at this with their model cars and fixing real cars. Women: try knitting a sweater, try a new recipe, or do some Spring cleaning (even if it's the dead of winter).
  34. Attend church. Assuming you don't already. Or try a new one. Break away from being a creature of habit. After all, religion is about acceptance and tolerance. You can't go wrong.
  35. Try a new food. Hate curry? That's okay, so do I. But do try to expand your taste buds by trying new things. You might find that new flavors are just what the doctor ordered.
  36. Hibernate. Figuratively speaking, of course. You don't have to date. Enjoy your time on your own snuggling up with a warm blanket and the TV.
  37. Try something you've never tried before. This goes beyond your culinary escapades. Go for something that requires actions, words, writing, or energy.
  38. Clean out the clutter in your life. Reconnect with old friends or loved ones you've been neglecting. Take on the goal you've been putting off. The best that can happen is you find the true self you've always tried to be.
  39. Take a class in a new passion. You're never too old to learn, nor are there too many skills you've aced. Common... be honest with yourself and try something new and daring.
  40. Clean your room. Hate to sound like a mommy, but the answer I often get from my kids is, "I felt so much better when I cleaned up. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner!"
  41. Dance. Oh yeah, like Lady Gaga sings, "Just dance!" Best way to wiggle out your stress and feel way better instantly!
  42. Drive. I love the way a long drive on the 405 near the beach feels when I drive back from LA. Assuming there's no traffic. All two days of the year, of course.
  43. Go to the beach. Oh, like the previous post, there's something so fundamental about hearing the waves crashing, the seagulls crying and the peacefulness that nothing else matters but you and the sand beneath you at the moment. If you're on any coast, DO IT!
  44. Lay on a makeshift beach. Like the previous post, any watering hole will do. Just have a blanket, lay down, close your eyes, and relax. The motion of the ocean (or lake, river or stream) will do the rest.
  45. Call your friends. "Reach out and touch someone" was not just a marketing logo; it is a call for humanity!
  46. Shoot something. Okay, take pictures preferably. But shooting guns, paintballs, BB's, or going to a laser tag center will do the trick. Bring a friend if you have to... or make a new one.
  47. Forgive. Take time to look back at old wounds, and learn to let go of old animosity. It will do YOU more good than it does your enemies.
  48. Burn old photos. You know the ones I'm talking about. Do it. It's cathartic, trust me!
  49. Make plans. Get out your calendar and start penciling things in. Even if it says, "Dinner for one, starring 'me'."
  50. Rest. Go to bed early, or take a nap. When you're rested, you're more able to deal with the stresses of life. You owe yourself that favor. Make time and do it.
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