I met the person of my dreams on WesternMatch.com

Gottaride - 1/16/2020


"Thank you Western Match for helping me find my cowboy. I've tried the other cowboy sites and always came back to WesternMatch. The best site out there for country folk in my opinion. Please remove me."


Jackie -


"Hi WesternMatch,

I'm writing to you today to tell you I met my wife on this site. We've been married for 3 months now. She is a wonderful lady. We both love horses and now have a total of five dogs. We love livin the country life. Thank you so much for providing us a great service. "

Yours truly,

Dave G.- 


I found someone off of here, actually in my own hometown.

Farmgirl04 -


I've found someone through your site!



Please delete my profile, I have found my match, thank you.

Giddyup -


Hi there!
I want to delete my profile, cause I met someone in here.  Thank you for this site. 



Dear WesternMatch Staff,

I met a nice lady through your service, therefore I no longer need a profile. Please delete.

Acecowboy -


I met a nice lady through your site. We have had several dates now and we want to give us a chance so it's best I remove myself. Thank you! 

AJ -


Met someone using your service, please remove me, thank you you're the best!

azcowgirl876  -


Married 6 months ago after meeting someone on this site. Please take my profile down. My apologies if I did not request to remove it.

Susan -06/01/19


Hi Western Match,

I met my cowboy on your site. He's the sweetest, kindest man I've ever dated. We joined around the same time and I do believe we were meant to be. I will tell others about your site and I hope the friends I've met on your service find the same happiness as me.  Thank you again, 

Rebellady -05/18/19


Been on here for a year now but finally found the one. She's my bestfriend and she understands me. Time to delete my account.  Wish y'all the best!

Palmharborguy  -03/05/19


Please remove my account. Met lot's of people on your service and have no regrets joining. Sorry to say I did not meet anyone special, but I've had a great experience and recommend your service for that reason.

Bullz  -02/16/19

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