" Introducing Clipz" 

Clipz are short introductory videos up to 30 seconds.

Post a video clip in your profile.

Videos can add personality to your online dating profile and help you to get more matches. 


Why a video is a must.

You can instantly get an insight into someone's personality and see how he or she really looks, as opposed to potentially old and outdated photos.


It's easier than you think.

Write down a few things you would like to say. It can be as simple as saying hello. Think of the scenes you wish to show in your video. For example you can be standing next to your horse, or in front of your house, or you can even introduce your pets. It’s OK to start and stop the recording; you can edit it, add music and voice over later.


Good lighting matters.

Choose a well-lit area to make your video, or go outside. Good lighting will help you look your best. Make one today. You can always replace it with a better one later.

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