Video Date Help

How to start a "Video Date" - (Launching soon)


Set up a time with your date.

We recommend setting up a time and date with your partner so you can both be online at the same time. Once you have agreed upon a time, follow step 2.


Generate a chat link.

When ready, click on the "Video Date" link located on the top menu, or side menu. Next click the "Generate Video Chat Link" button. Once the link is generated, click ok. Next send the member the link by pasting it in a message using our mailbox. Click on the "video date" again and  "join the video chat". That's it! Wait for your date to arrive.  


Save time and money.

In many ways, virtual dating is a sped up version of a traditional date. You will have more dates because it is much faster to click the button and start talking to someone online then it is to drive to the location to meet the person just to find that you two don't click. You can stay right on western match to enjoy a wonderful conversaton and see if it's worth setting up a real date. 



Video Dating 

Who can I video date with?
Whether you are a free member or a gold member you can use the video date feature. However, only gold members can inniate a video date first.

I have a video date scheduled, how do I access the room as a free member?
The member who inniated the date must send you a link to access the video chat room before you can enter. Check your mailbox messages. When it's time for your scheduled date, click on the link and you will be taken directly into the chat room. 

Is the date private?
Yes, Both you and your date have complete privacy. There is no phone number revealed like there is on "facetime". 

How long is the virtual date and what if i use up all my credits?
There is a 15 minute limit per session. Each gold membership plan allows for free video date credits. Once you reach your limit, you can always purchase extra time for only $2.00 per 15 minutes by clicking on the "Video Date" link. 

Can I deny a "First Date"?
Yes!  You simply tell the other person that you are not intested in going on a virtual date.

Is "Video Date" available on mobile?
It’s available on mobile, ipad and desktop.

What if someone acts inappropriately during a date? 
This can happen and should you experience some rude or inappropriate behavior, simply close the page and report the member by opening the members full profile and then click the report button located at the bottom of the profile.  

How long is the link good for?
The link is good until both users are readily available for the date. If your date does not show up, no worries it won't count towards your credit usage. You can view your chat history here.

What are the technical requirements?
The first time you begin or accept a Video Date, your device may ask for your permission to grant access to your microphone and camera. This is necessary in order to carry out a Video Date. To proceed, just click the “Allow” button.

Microsoft Edge Instructions for activating the microphone and camera can be found on the Microsoft website.

Mozilla Firefox Manage camera and microphone permissions with Firefox.

Google Chrome Manage camera and microphone permissions with Google Chrome.

Safari Information on switching the camera and microphone on and off can be found on the Apple help pages.

Is he or she who they say they are?  

If you are suspicious of someone, you can use the video call to see if the person in the photo is really the person in the photo. Unlike Facetime, we will not reveal your phone number. If they are unwilling to accept your request, you may want to move on!

Virtual Dating Tips

Follow these tips for a successful date.

Set up Virtual Dates

By a click of a button, you will be able to start a fun virtual date and stay on Western Match at the same time. 

Dress Up and Clean Up

Just because you're not meeting
someone in person doesn't mean you shouldn't look presentable. Look as though you are meeting in person. 

Set the stage

Choose a space that’s clean, well-decorated and most importantly, well-lit. Loosen up! Make your favorite drink so it feels like a real date. 

Prepare Yourself

Have some questions ready and don't feel like you have to be on the virtual date all night. 15 minutes is a good start. If it goes well schedule a real traditional date.® / LLC - Copyrights 2002 - 2021 All Rights Reserved.