Face Date 

Virtual Dating by WesternMatch.com


Saves time and money!

Imagine the time and money you will save by doing a first date through video call. If the date does not work out, you can end it quickly. If it does, then you can schedule to meet in person or you can continue on to a second or third date. 


Helps build relationships quicker!

When you meet face-to-face, you can make a personal connection, as opposed to just reading someone's profile and relying on their pictures. The virtual date can then reveal whether the two parties will get along or not. A conversation of two like-minded individuals often blossoms into love.


You'll have more dates!

In many ways, virtual dating is a sped up version of a traditional date. You will have more dates because it is much faster to click the button and start talking then it is to drive to the location to meet the person. You can stay right on western match to enjoy a conversaton.



First Date Video Chat

Who can I video date with?
This is a gold member feature. You can set up a date with any gold member of Western Match as long as they accept your request. 

How do I initiate a first date?
You can initiate a first date by clicking the black video icon at any time within the members profile. It is advised to message the member first to set up a time. This way you won't catch anyone off guard. Go to the flirt button to send a "Face Date" request.

How long can I be on the first date?
There is a 15 minute limit per session. Only three dates are available to gold members per day.

Can I deny a "First Date"?
Yes!  You can accept or decline the video date.

Is "First Date" available on mobile?
It’s available on mobile, ipad and desktop.

Can I have a second and third date? 
Absolutely! We recommend getting to know someone before exchanging phone numbers and personal information.

What if someone acts inappropriately during a date? 
This can happen and should you experience some rude or inappropriate behavior you will have the option to report the member by opening the members full profile and then click the report button located at the bottom of the profile.  

Can I opt out?
You can turn off this feature at anytime.

Is he or she who they say they are?  

If you are suspicious of someone, you can use the video call to see if the person in the photo is really the person in the photo. Unlike Facetime, we will not reveal your phone number. If they are unwilling to Vdate with you, move on!

Virtual Dating Tips

Follow these tips for a successful date.

Set up Virtual Dates

By a click of a button, you will be able to start your date immediately. It is advised to schedule the video call first.

Dress Up and Clean Up

Just because you're not meeting someone in person doesn't mean you shouldn't shower and shave. Look as though you are meeting in person. Put on some perfume or cologne. The scent will put you in the mood.

Set the stage

Choose a space that’s clean, well-decorated and most importantly, well-lit. Loosen up! Make your favorite drink so it feels like a real date. 

Prepare Yourself

Have some questions ready and don't feel like you have to be on the virtual date all night. 15-30 minutes is a good start. If it goes well schedule another. 

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